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Short-Term Rental Conference:


Grassroots Activism for Property Rights

This session will cover how to proactively promote the positive benefits of short-term rentals in your community. We'll discuss ideas for sustainable ways that short-term rentals can benefit area businesses, organizations, schools and even prospective new community members as a way for them to test drive a city or specific neighborhood. Short-term rentals can also benefit communities by participating in local events and helping with causes to reinvesting back into the area.

Incorporating Extended Stays Into Your Short-Term Rental Strategy

Al Williamson has found a way to capitalize on the extended stay rental market. Somewhere between Airbnb and traditional long-term rentals, extended stay lodging can be a terrific way to boost your returns. There is a large need for this type of housing and the demand will only increase for potential tenants...from military to road contractors to health care workers. Al will teach you how to capture, manage and profit from this market.

Panel Discussion: Management Styles for Short-Term Rentals

Learn about others' personal involvement journeys into short-term rentals. Should you own and manage your property, hire a local property management company, or use a hybrid platform to provide leads and booking technology? You will need a mix of skills in the hospitality, property maintenance, cleaning, staging, marketing, and finance areas. We will help you learn what to know when you jump in, or decide to seek help from professionals.

Panel Discussion: Defending Short-Term Rentals Through Lobbying & Grassroots Efforts

Short-term rental owners are ambassadors for their community. What should you know about regulations at local and state levels? How can you help foster a positive community perspective towards our properties? Learn more about what the Short Term Rental Association can do to help you locally, and our efforts historically to foster fair regulations for short-term rental properties. What laws and regulations we see ahead will be discussed here also.


Generating Massive Wealth with Vacation Rentals

Robyn Thompson is widely knows as The Queen of Rehab, but she's recently been dominating the vacation rental market as well!

Robyn will teach you her secrets to maximize profits on your vacation rental properties! She'll show you how to find a property, share tips on renovating it to maximize its potential, and walk you through the steps of how to manage your vacation rental business once you've got the ball rolling.

If you've been thinking of jumping into the vacation rental market, you won't want to miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most seasoned real estate investors in the country! Vacation rental investing can bring in triple the profits of traditional long-term rentals!

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