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Niche Listing Sites for Your Vacation Home or Short-Term Rental

Article by by Paris Achen, Sep 14, 2023,

Whether you’re offering a short-term rental in a certain market or you want to cater to the needs of a specific traveler group, there is likely a niche listing site for your unique property.

Niche listing sites come in every variety from geographic regions and destination type to properties catering to the traveling workforce, minorities, women, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, and even those with dietary restrictions.

Deciding to list on a niche site narrows the focus on your property, draws an audience looking for your specific offering, and may even drive direct bookings.

Click here to view a list of niche listing sites to consider when marketing and listing your property. As you browse through the options, brainstorm ideas for how you can set your property apart in a market where supply now exceeds demand.

Article by by Paris Achen, Sep 14, 2023,

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