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AirBnBust? Hosts Noticing Decline In Airbnb Bookings

Airbnb has been featured in travel news again, but this time the spotlight is on hosts who have complained of a decline in bookings. Recent news has shown that even Superhosts have noted a worrying decline in bookings.

Hosts sharing their lack of business has sparked conversation about short-term, long-term and the future of holiday rentals altogether. In an interview, one host even shares how severe the decline is: ‘We went from 80% [occupancy] to zero.’

There are several reasons why guests may be shying away from Airbnb bookings. Market Watch lists a few reasons that could contribute. One main reason is the rise in fees on the app and another point is supply and demand.

“Data shows supply has increased as more people like Malitsky put their properties up for rent when short-term rentals rose during the COVID-19 pandemic” explains Market Watch. It seems that travelers are changing their relationship with the rental site dramatically.

What we know:

  • While many hosts expressed their woes, disbelief, or pure confusion about the decrease, the internet had much to say on the matter.

  • Some have even attributed the silent period on Airbnb to competition with other rental companies such as main rival Vrbo.

  • Others completely understand the sudden decline, even using social media to highlight the fundamental issues with the rental app and its premises.

Article written by Amara Amaryah, Travel Noire, October 25, 2022.

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