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By becoming a member of the Short Term Rental Association (STRA) you will join a professional network of short-term and vacation rental owners. Our group works together to strengthen our collective knowledge and promote the safe, legal, and successful advancement of the short-term and vacation rental industry.

Membership includes:

  • Free short-term rental forms and templates

  • Free educational courses and access to class recordings

  • Access to STRA member directory

  • Access to STRA member forum

As a Short Term Rental Association member, your membership dues also support current ongoing state-wide lobbying on behalf of the short-term and vacation rental industry in Michigan.

Join the Short Term Rental Association!

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    Every year
    Regular Membership
  • Business Partners

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"I brought my client to his first [Short Term Rental Association] meeting as he just purchased his first short term property in Muskegon. He was so thrilled with all of the good information, he signed up for a membership on the spot!"

—Ian Bowyer

"Had a traditional rental and changed it to a short-term rental and got started immediately with 3x the rent!"


—Member from the Muskegon, MI Area

"Thanks for starting the STR group. I have been looking for networking opportunities with other STR owners and managers. There are a lot of things in managing STR that makes it more of a hospitality industry than a RE industry. But at the same time it is very rewarding."

—Dan from the Traverse City, MI Area

"I recently purchased my first short term rental. I quickly found myself having many questions and not many resources to turn to. My realtor brought me to a meeting of the Short Term Rental Association. After listening to the topics being discussed and networking with other members, I decided to join that day!"

—Mitchell Wolfe

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